A total solution suitable for any type of lock present in your organization. Our smart electronic lock is the perfect alternative for any mechanical lock. Be it an indoor lock or outdoor independent standalone lock, the Venylock is fit for every environment and is compatible with every lock type (padlocks, cupboard locks, entrances to facilities, etc.)

Oalsen Systems Ltd. supplies you with the most innovative and cost effective solution: A smart electronic lock, enabling you full access control and monitoring of all your various facilities, under one uniform system. A summary of the main advantages of the VenyLock:
  • The Venylock is a totally standalone and independent lock, which can be present in any environment and does not require a source of power (batteries/ wires/ communication).
  • The lock can serve multiple users. Each user has a specific access authorization, which is unique to him (according to days, hours, etc.) and a single personal key.
  • The electronic key is compatible with an unlimited number of locks, of different types, according to the access authorizations defined within the system.
  • The electronic key cannot be duplicated.
  • In case the electronic key is locked, it can easily be cancelled through the main system.
  • The access authorizations of the various users can be updated through the system, without requiring physical contact with the key itself.
  • Access authorization pertaining to a specific user can be added/ cancelled at any moment, through the system (without communicating with the lock itself).
  • The system can monitor and provide the history of all users coming into contact with the lock.
  • The lock itself is highly resistant to vandalism, burglary and decoding.
  • The VenyLock can replace any type of existing lock, including padlocks, cylinders, cupboards, etc. This creates a single uniform access control system, which can serve the entire organization.
  • The cost of installing this system is considerably low and requires very low maintenance. The system actively saves costs for the organization.
The Venylock is the ultimate alternative for the mechanical lock and is suitable for any position having an independent standalone lock, for example: gate padlock, cupboard lock, etc. This smart electronic lock allows full management and control of a system, which includes multiple users with various access authorizations. The Venylock provides an advanced and innovative solution to a variety of challenges existing in the field, including: monitoring keys, locks and employees.