Vacation, Leisure & Entertainment

Simply create a safe and pleasant environment, which is easy to operate, manage and maintain. Oalsen Systems provides you with the optimal solution and peace of mind, employing the most advanced technologies and making the most of a predetermined budget.

Our products are employed by a variety of leading businesses in the fields of vacation, leisure and entertainment worldwide, including: sports’ centers and stadiums, swimming pools, spas, health, sports and country clubs, theaters and cinemas, museums, and more.

Gates, Fast Passages and Barriers

Oalsen Systems provides Hotels and Guesthouses with Gates, Fast Passages and Barriers for the parking area. Our technological solutions enable the hotel to define specific entrance authorizations for guests and employees. For example: guests can use their room key card, in order to open the gate and access the parking area, during their stay at the hotel.

Locker Locks

Oalsen Systems provides a variety of advanced locking solutions for lockers, drawers and cupboards:

  • Electronic battery operated locker locks, allowing management and control of the lockers (offline/ online), based on random or regular users, according to the needs of the business.
  • Various possibilities of opening the lock: RFID (Tag/ Wristband/ Sticker/ Card) and/ or a numerical code.
  • The locks and tag are of the most advanced technology and design, manufactured from water, dust and vandalism resistant materials.
  • The locks may be installed on existing lockers, drawers and cupboards.

Our products include: Electronic Locks (Offline/ Online), Locks opened by Tag/ Code.

Locks & Access Control

With more than 30 years of experience, our greatest satisfaction is derived from the planning and implementation of a reliable, advanced and fully integrative system, providing you with exactly what you are looking for: long term security, peace of mind and cost efficacy.

In addition, in case you wish to upgrade your current locking system, while maintaining the existing doors, we can offer you a professional, efficient and economical solution.

Our solutions include flexible systems, including diverse user authorizations, which are easily managed and monitored. This enables allowing/ limiting access to defined areas, at specific times, such as: dining rooms and restaurants, convention rooms, pool areas, spas, gyms, parking lots, etc. Such a system assists the hotel in maximizing its resources, in a simple and efficient manner.

Furthermore, these solutions enable you to easily and efficeintly manage and monitor guests, hotel staff and external contractors, while providing guests with an unforgettable stay.

Our products include - Electronic Online/ Offline Locks, Mechanical Locks, Fittings, Readers, Panic Locks, Emergency Handles and Software and Management Solutions.

Our company products include leading brands such as: Salto, SDC and Amadeo.

Smart Cards, Tags & Wristbands

Oalsen System supplies all types of smart cards, tags and wristbands suitable for all systems present today on the market. Even if you did not purchase your access control system from us, you can still enjoy the best prices available on the market. We can supply you with any type of card/ tag/ wristband including custom made design and print, at the most competitive prices and highest quality.

Our products include: RFID Cards, Magnetic Strip Cards, RFID Tags and Wristbands.