The American SDC Company was established in 1972. The company develops and manufactures advanced access control hardware, including electronic panic locks, mechanical locks, access control systems, electronic locks and advanced security systems.

The company's solutions are employed worldwide in all sectors employing access control systems, including industry, government and security, health and education centers, airports, cultural centers and more. The company's clients include: Duke Nuclear Power Station, Bank of America, JFK Airport, US Air Force Bases, Hong Kong Airport, Exxon, The Museum of Modern Art in New York and more. One of the main advantages of SDC products is that they are compatible with most leading access control products worldwide. This allows you to easily upgrade your existing system at very low costs, without the need to replace a lock, panic lock or the existing infrastructure. For example: a mechanical Yale panic lock may be easily upgraded to an electronic panic lock, by adding a single component, without replacing the existing handle.