Locking Systems

Oalsen Systems offers a wide range of security and access control solutions. The lock is the end product of a whole system, allowing you to fully monitor and control all aspects of your business.

Monitoring and access control are the pivot point of security and protection. This is the most challenging and interesting aspect of this field and our favorite topic. With over 30 years of experience, our greatest satisfaction is derived from the planning and implementation of a reliable, advanced and fully integrative system, providing you with exactly what you are looking for: long term security, peace of mind and cost efficacy. The security and access control system is a system which encompasses almost every aspect of your business, including the lock and key, the management software, and access control of entrances, and parking and public areas. Our expertise in Oalsen Systems is the construction of a comprehensive system, combining a variety of products from different fields, which all work together to create a fully integrative service for all your access control needs. Planning and tailor making such a system is a complex process, requiring a high level of expertise – you can leave that job to us. Whereas you as our client, receive a convenient and user friendly end product, based on an in-depth analysis of your requirements. In addition, in case you wish to upgrade your current locking system, while maintaining the existing doors, we can offer you a professional, efficient and economical solution. Our products include: Electronic Online/ Offline Locks, Mechanical Locks, Fittings, Readers, Panic Locks, Emergency Handles and Software and Management Solutions. Our company products include leading brands such as: Salto, SDC, Mauer and Amadeo. Our leading policy includes matching our services and products to the client's unique and individual needs. We therefore invite you to contact us or click on your field of interest, in order to receive more specific information.