The Spanish based Salto Company is the worldwide leading developer of RFID locking solutions. The company specializes in the development of high quality access control solutions for complex systems.

Salto has a worldwide reputation for providing high quality and reliable products, with an innovative design and attention to fine details. The company products are employed in more than 90 countries worldwide, including over 2 million locks and more than 15,000 projects. Salto systems are successfully used in all sectors, including airports, government and military facilities, the field of hospitality, education centers, hospitals and more. The company's clients include: Hilton Hotels, Marriot Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Heathrow Airport, Barcelona Underground System, USA Military bases, Volvo, Nestles, Oxford University and more. The company's solutions can be fully integrated with your existing computer system, including Siemens, Optima, Opera and more. The system allows for full control over all public areas, including elevators, parking zones, gates and more, in real time, using a single access card key. The locks can also be opened using a mobile phone. The system can be Offline/ Online, based on your preference. Our clients require a minimal percent of repairs with the system, resulting in extremely low costs of maintenance. The cost of the key cards of Salto systems in significantly low, in comparison to other manufacturers.


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